tank service

Your cylinder valve is sluggish or leaking?

We will be happy to carry out the valve revision and make your cylinder valve fit again. For this purpose, the bottle valve disassembled, cleaned and provided with a high-quality revision kit. Maybe you also think about new and handy rubber knops that improve the handling.

You want to buy a new cylinder valve from us and need help with the assembly? We are happy to help you.

You have questions? How long does the processing take? What do I have to consider? What has to be done?
We are happy to help you by phone, e-mail or messanger.

Please make an appointment if you want to visit us on site. Then we can offer you the best service and adequate time as well as attention.

There was something else...

Usually most diving stores do not carry out the so called tank inspection themselves, so we do not either. If you bring the tanks yourself directly to the test center, you save time and money. We will be happy to give you information and tips on the search for a suitable provider.

We do not offer compressed air or technical gases.

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