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We love it, and so do many customers: the SF-1 Drysuit Studio.

With over 18 years of professional experience in production, service and sales, we have a fair amount of know-how in the field of dry diving.

We like to share our knowledge - it's just good for you. We tell it like it is - regardless of losses.

We are happy to advise you (by appointment) about products and possibilities around your new underwear or trilaminate drysuit.

Are you looking for a suit that will accompany you safely and comfortably on all your dives? One that meets your expectations to the maximum and fits perfectly? Then you are exactly right with us.

We do not produce ourselves but are the German distributor of the Italian manufacturer DTEK producing in Verona. They have understood our requirements and produce high-quality material and their own model series for us.

Everything can - nothing must. We show you what is possible:
- Material - Cut - Colors - Cuffs & Cuff Systems - Glove & Glove Systems - Boots & Socks - Leg Pockets - Other Accessories

You are unsure about size and fit? No problem.
We measure you and offer you the best possible standard size or - currently free of charge - your dry suit made to measure.

Furthermore, we also offer you the valuable AquaLung trilaminate drysuit Alaskan, in whose further development we were involvieret.

Here is no customization possible but our experienced workshop can adjust if necessary and make the suit to your personal dry suit is adapted to your requirements.

As far as available, we have the standard sizes in stock. Please contact us if you need more information or would like to arrange a personal consultation.